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Eight days until the Big Race!

Only 8 days until race day!  All of the training runs, many of which were in 100+ degree temps, helped get me to where I am today and I can’t believe I’m so close!  I’ve been rolling with the punches these last 2 weeks, trying to work with instead of against my body and managing this cold-turned-sinus-infection-turned-sinus-infection-from-hell.  I’ve learned that I can’t get 6 – 6.5 hours of sleep each night for nights on end and expect to stay healthy while running 30+ miles per week. Just doesn’t cut it. I’m grateful the week I started feeling bad I was sleeping a little bit more because it probably helped me to be able to run that 22 miler, even with a cold.  Unfortunately, that run, in those windy conditions, probably contributed to my cold turning into a sinus infection, but I can’t imagine how I’d be feeling right now if I had skipped that run or cut it way short.  My confidence would not be where it is right now.  If I can run 22 miles on a hilly route w/ a cold and against 20 mph winds with higher gusts, I can do just about anything!

We’re in the final week of tapering so todays run was a 10 miler, but we got off route once and it added some distance so it turned into an 11 miler instead.  I was fine with that though, given I hadn’t run since Monday.  It was low 60s at start with light- to no-rain until @ mile 3-4 when the rain turned a little heavier at times.  It pretty much rained the rest of the time.  I wore a cap which kept the rain out of my eyes so except for puddle dodging (some successful, some not) the rain wasn’t that big of a deal.  I actually enjoy running the rain because it’s a different challenge and it just feels kind of good on your skin.  The winds started picking up a little more at the end, but we were warmed up enough by then that it wasn’t a big deal.

I ran 11.08 miles in 2:17:57. We had 3 water stops and probably 5 stops to look at the (disintegrating) map because our route was kind of wonky today.  I loved the scenery and it all turned out okay, but I hated having to stop to peel the map apart and turn it front and back to figure out where we should be.  My overall pace was 12:26 and these were our splits:

12:14, 13:18 (longest time spent trying to figure out where we were b/c we turned wrong), 12:52 (water stop), 12:18, 13:40 (water stop and map reading), 13:04 (map reading), 12:22, 12:37 (water stop), 11:21, 11:56, 11:19

As you can see, when we weren’t reading maps or stopping for water, our pace was pretty good!  I especially loved our push at the end.  I love running faster at the end!  I feel so confident and ready after this run today.

Let me back track and talk about what happened to me earlier this week.  We had a quality workout on Monday and at that point, I had been on my antibiotic for 4 days for my sinus infection. My doc told me if I wasn’t better my Monday morning, he’d put me on an oral steroid. Monday AM rolled around and I felt pretty good so I thought I was on my way back to being healthy.  Ran the quality workout with no problems, although it was foggy because the humidity was so high and then it rained on us at the end.  I was so psyched at the end of my run!  I knew we had 2 weeks until Dallas and the momentum was building. I was planning how I was going to stay motivated, motivate my sweet teammates, and be as prepared as possible for the race.

I’m sure the conditions Monday night weren’t the best to run in when I’m fighting a sinus infection but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  Came home, no problems, and (like an idiot) got about 5.5 hours of sleep Monday night.  On Tuesday, I was running an errand and all of a sudden, my right sinus was completely blocked.  I thought it was strange, but knew that’s the side of my infection so I just figured it was par for the course. By the time I got home, I started feeling colder and colder so I wrapped a scarf around my neck, put on my super warm fuzzy robe over my capris and t-shirt, and socks.  That didn’t cut it so I grabbed a blanket and was trying to work like this before I realized I better lay down immediately.  I was supposed to have a dinner party that night so I thought if I took a nap, I’d be okay.  Once I was horizontal though, I knew I was in trouble.  I started shaking with chills, very intensely.  It’d start at my knees and work it’s way up to my shoulders and my whole body would rock and shake.  I pulled three blankets on top of me, with everything else, and it didn’t matter – I was freezing.  My arms, back, and legs were hurting and I immediately thought – FLU!  NOOOO….  I sent a few texts to cancel my dinner plans and started sobbing.  I could not believe I might have the flu.  After running 22 miles with a cold that first Saturday, 13 miles with a sinus infection the next Saturday, now I’m facing the flu?  Because of the way my right sinus felt though, I still held out hope that it was just my sinus infection fighting back.  I cried, prayed out loud to God, begging Him to please help me. Please don’t let me have the flu. I called on my Memaw and Grandma, Popo and Grandpa, anyone up there who might be able to help me.  Maybe that’s kind of silly now, but at the time, I prayed with every part of me because I knew if this was the flu, it might be enough to take me out of the race on Dec. 4th.

I finally fell asleep and woke up @ 1:30pm and felt hungry.  Hungry?  That’s a good sign!  My temp had risen to 101.1 at some point but when I took it again, it was down to 100.6 and I wasn’t shivering anymore so that was good.  I got up and made some lunch and drank some water and felt better as time wore on.  Heard back from the doc who thought it was my sinus infection and started me on an oral steroid. Later that evening I started running a fever again and at one point it was back up to 101 in the middle of the night, but I woke up on Wednesday and felt relatively good.  Very tired, but okay.  I kept feeling better on Wednesday and never ran fever all day so I cleared myself to cook for the family for Thanksgiving on Thursday and continued to improve. I didn’t push it by running, although I wanted to SO BAD because I hated not getting out there.  After seeing what can happen when I don’t take good care of myself though, I thought it was stupid to push it.  Friday was a good day, still not 100% but feeling almost normal.  I’m feeling similarly today.  Not 100%, but over 80% so I’ll take it!  I’ve been on my antibiotic for 8 days now and my predisone for 4.  I’ve gained 4-5 pounds in two days from the steroids but that’s normal when taking this type of med.  I expect it to go away tomorrow or Monday.

My coach reminded me recently that even though these last 2 weeks have not been ideal for me, I have the solid foundation of fitness I’ve built over the past 4 months. I’ve run 1-2 times each week I was sick so my fitness level is still there.  I feel confident I’ll be able to get all of my runs in this last week so I should be ready to go on December 4th!

I’m sure I’ll do this a few more times, but I want to thank all of you who’ve followed my journey on this blog, dailymile, and Facebook.  The comments, emails, and sweet words of encouragement along the way have made such a huge difference and I really appreciate all of it.  Stay warm and dry the rest of the weekend and have a great one!


Lessons learned today:

– Ipod shuffles can only take the rain for so long until they stop working. Note to self.

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