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Long run w/ sinus infection…check!

Hello my Facebook and dailymile.com friends!  I thought today would be brutal, but it wasn’t so bad.  I still am not 100%, but I’m encouraged by how I ran today.

Let me share with you the last week of my life. After last weeks 22 miler on Saturday, I was spent. I just came down with a cold the day before so I knew it would be hard, but it was much harder than I expected.  I came home and had 15 mom errands/tasks to do and didn’t end up laying down and really resting until after 6pm that day.  At that point, I was toast. I spent all of Sunday in bed. It doesn’t feel good to run 22 miles on Saturday and lay in bed all day on Sunday.  I attempted to roll out Sunday night because I was so stiff everywhere, but I gave up shortly and crawled back into bed. It was bad.  On Monday, I had to do the usual mom stuff to get my kids up and to school that morning but then I came home and went back to sleep.  I should’ve just stayed in bed again until Kate got home from school but we have some stuff going on at my work and had a big, nationwide call that day @ noon so I woke up and got online.  That pretty much stuck a fork in me for the rest of the afternoon because I worked the whole time.  No running for me on Sunday on Monday.  On Tuesday, I woke up and thought I was feeling better.  No more constant drainage in the back of my throat, the burning in my throat was getting better, my nose was somewhat under control.  I woke up on Wednesday and felt a little worse though.  As the day wore on, I felt even crummier and finally accepted the fact that I wouldn’t be running Wednesday night either. DAMN.  This was not good for my mental game.  I was hopeful on Thursday I might feel a little better so I could run that evening but nope.  Felt the same.  Can’t I just add that it really sucks to have a sore throat for 7 days in a row? Really. Sucks. A lot.  No running for me on Thursday.  That night, I made sure I went to sleep a little earlier than usual and ended up waking up on Friday feeling better.  I had an appointment w/ my hematologist that morning so when I got back, I went to sleep.  THAT WAS A GOOD CALL.  When I woke up from my nap, I felt a little better.  I had an appointment w/ my allergy/asthma doc that afternoon and he diagnosed me with a sinus infection that probably started Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, hence why I started feeling worse after showing some improvement.  I’m now on an antibiotic, taking my asthma meds religiously, and if I don’t feel better, he’ll start me on an oral steroid on Monday.  Works for me!

I was glad to be feeling better on Friday, but I knew I had a 3 hour run waiting for me on Saturday and a 4:45am wake up.  I was sooo anxious.  I hate not feeling 100%.  I went to bed around 10:30 (I know, too late) and slept great all night.

We were instructed to run out 1.5 hours and then turn back around.  My fabulous Coach Carolyn, who knows me way too well, instructed me to RUN OUT 1.5 HOURS AND TURN AROUND.   She didn’t need me pushing farther or doing more than that.  I assured her I didn’t think I’d have anymore than that in me today so I should be good.

We started out on Waller (ugh. I hate running back on Waller.) and made our way to the south side of Lady Bird Lake trail.  I really enjoy seeing so many people out there running and walking in the mornings.  I had a load of kleenex with me and made the plan to blow at every water stop.  We were supposed to take it easy and we did most of the time, except for miles 7-8.  We clicked into our MGP and just ran.  It felt SO GLORIOUS.  No water stops, no traffic lights (mostly), no disruptions, just running.  I left my Garmin on the entire time except for part way through our bathroom break.  We had 4 water stops and 1 bathroom break.   I’m very pleased with how we managed the water stops this time around.  Besides a little bit of stretching, we just drank the water we needed, topped off our bottles, and walked while we took our Gu’s, ate our pretzels, etc…  I’m reassured to know that on race day, I won’t have to worry about traffic lights or people running the opposite direction of me.  I’ll just be focused on the race course.  That saves a lot of mental space and I need all of the mental space I can get!

Can I mention it was warm outside?  I wore shorts and a singlet.  On November 19th.  It’s fall right now, right?  When does “winter” start?  Ha.  The humidity was pretty thick, too.  Is it wrong to include in the prayer chain at church my request for cooler weather in Dallas on Dec. 4th?  I just need 40s-low 50s, low wind, low humidity.  C’mon.

It was awesome as always to see my beautiful Rogue ladies again!  I’ve missed them so much. It’s kind of ridiculous, seeing that I saw them one week ago.  But when I’m used to seeing them 3 times a week, I have withdrawals when that doesn’t happen.  Heard some super scary stories about the San Antonio half marathon from last weekend.  My best running buddy saw the guy that died drop to the ground 2 steps after he crossed the finish line. He was 32!  She said she saw lots of people throwing up and being carried off on stretchers. Fit-looking people.  Good grief.  Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m really not worried about that stuff.  Rogue has trained us to keep up on our hydration, fuel, listening to our bodies, etc… I did hear they were out of water at water stops which is ASSININE given they announced a heat advisory for runners before the race!  How do you run out of water for those poor runners in those conditions?  Really sad.  And confirmation that I was right to not run San Antonio this year.  It’s just not that great of a race.

So 2 weeks and one day until my first marathon.  Besides this sinus infection, I feel ready.  I’ve got to follow the training plan perfectly as we taper down.  I cannot wait until the race!  The excitement is slowly starting to build, along with my nervous anticipation.  I can’t believe I’ll be running a marathon.  Wow.

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  1. Tom M
    November 19, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    I don’t get how they ran out of water at waterstops either. It was pretty brutal, but they were actually HOSING US DOWN at water stops, so I imagine anyone could’ve asked for a drink from the hose. I thought they did a phenomenal job. What I *did* see was that a few water stops were under-staffed and they were just putting a pitcher out on the table with a bunch of empty cups, because they couldn’t keep up with 30,000+ runners! But they did a phenomenal job overall – they brought salt packets (paper ones like fast-food restaurants give) which were WONDERFUL believe it or not, and they had garbage cans full of ice water with sponges in them! I think there were three sponge stops on the 26.2 mi route, but DOZENS of salt, vaseline, and medical aid stations.

    No doubt it was brutal, but the only part that REALLY torqued me off was that people finishing in under 4:30 had taken all the food at the finish – I guess people were taking multiple bananas and stuff – and anyone after that got one bag of fritos and a bottle of water.

    Great run report Shelley! As always! 🙂

  2. November 19, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    I am so encouraged to read your post, Tom! I didn’t know about the other things they were doing for runners. I guess it had more to do with people not being properly trained/prepared for the race that day? Makes me think that next year, I might volunteer for a water stop. So a bag of Fritos and a bottle of water wasn’t cutting it for you at the end? That’s selfish of the people who took extra. We’re all out there together and we all need to remember it sometimes! Really appreciate your comment (as always!)

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