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Both of my kids are fighting colds right now and on Friday, I finally joined them. I was in denial for awhile but there was no denying it that afternoon.  I felt horrible and it only got worse as the day went on.  I drank a lot of water, took my multivitamin, took some Emergen-C, took a warm espom salt/lavender bath, and I still felt lousy.  I had a hard time sleeping, even though I was in bed with lights out by 9:15pm.  That’s super early for me, but I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to sleep so I wanted to make sure at least I rested as much as possible.  I tossed and turned for hours and then @ 1am, I took a nasal decongestant spray and slept a good 3 hours before my 4:15am wake up.  I knew the run was going to be hard – I was right.

Let me just say I prepared myself as much as possible with my gear. I brought 4 Gu, a bag of sports beans, some pretzels, and about 25 kleenex. Seriously. I was so worried I would run out of kleenex and that would be bad!  My throat had a small fire in it and I knew this was just going to suck, no way around it.  I thought for sure I’d get worse as time went on, but I really didn’t.  Even the mucous wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, but it sure was annoying.  I was worried my asthma might flair up but it never did. Let’s see if that will still hold true later today.

This course was just mean.  We ran over to Riverside, up Travis Heights, west on Monroe, over to Hether, left on Bluebonnet, right on Arpdale, left on Rae Dell, right on Barton Skyway, left on Barton Hills, left on Robert E. Lee, left on Barton Springs, under Mopac to the water stop, left on Veterans, out Lake Austin Blvd, through Tarrytown, right on Exposition, and back over the the water stop under Mopac.  Then we headed back the same way we came.  IT WAS SO HARD.  It didn’t help that the wind was blowing at a decent clip with higher gusts (just checked the weather and they are saying 30 mph gusts!  I believe it!)  Truly lovely on some of those hills.

We ended up running 21.7 miles in 5:07:38 (14:10 pace.)  I never stopped my Garmin through any of the water stops, the bathroom break, talking to our friend who was injured, etc… but I’m glad we’re doing this because it’s setting a more realistic expectation for the marathon. We ended up leaving the water stops pretty quickly but walking while we fueled at times (pretzels and sports beans, most Gu’s we did at water stops.)  And I’ll confess, we walked up some of those tough hills after mile 15. I just didn’t have it in me.  After feeling like the cold wasn’t taking as much out of me as I thought it was, I realized later on in the run that I just didn’t have my usual stamina.   I also kept feeling a pain in the inside of my right ankle, which I think was related to my tight calf muscles, and we’d have to stop so I could stretch it out at times.

This run was soooo hard.  Not the confidence booster as I was hoping for as we start our taper next week.  We have a 16 mile long run next Saturday, a 10 mile the next Saturday, and then it’s race weekend.  Hard to believe it’s so close.  Normally I’d say I’m pretty prepared, but I need to just let this all settle in to me and adjust my expectations.  I do think the course we ran this morning will be way harder than the White Rock course, we’ll have lots of people cheering us on (I’m getting my name put on my shirt so people can yell out my name – I need all of the personalized help I can get!), and hopefully, I won’t have a cold and the wind won’t be blowing so hard.  The temp felt pretty good throughout and the sun stayed behind the clouds most of the time so we were good on those fronts.  We were grateful.

We got back to Rogue and I jumped into the puffy pants after foot drills. Not sure how much it helped, but couldn’t hurt. Then I rolled out and stretched while Denise was in the puffy pants and we hobbled to our cars.

Not what I wanted to accomplish out there today, but given the circumstances, it’s okay.  Just okay.  Wanted more than just okay, but guess this just sets up next weekend’s 16 miler to be a kick ass run!  That’s what I’ll hope for anyway!

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