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Insert expletives here.

Well, I did it. Ran 20 miles. Okay, I “ran” 19.62 miles and walked about 9/10ths of a mile. I turned my Garmin off at water stops, Jester Dorm, and Seton Hospital (bathroom break) plus I turned it off when we were lost.  Yes, we were lost.  It sucked.  In fact, this whole run pretty much sucked.  It was HARD.  I thought it would be a relatively “flat” course but it was not.  When I looked down at my Garmin and it read 9.82 and I realized we weren’t even half-way through yet, I felt so defeated.  I spent most of the 3 miles up and 3 miles down Shoal Creek at MGP talking myself out of allowing myself to think it would be okay to walk at some point in the future.

Let’s see – here come the excuses – I probably averaged 6 to 6.5 hours of sleep most nights this week but Thursday it was more like 5.5 and last night it was closer to 5.  Lots of different reasons I won’t go into, but to sum it up, training for a marathon and being a (single) mom with a full-time job is REALLY EFFIN HARD.  Like, really hard.  Really. Hard.  Just training for a marathon is hard.  Just training for a marathon while working a full-time job is hard.  Just training for a marathon while working a full-time job and being a mom is hard.  It’s challenging.  I will say I like a challenge (always have – that’s why I don’t mind hills) but this is taking every ounce of patience, humor, energy, and mental space I have.

I ran 19.64 miles at 4:00:56.  My running buddy hurt her knee @ mile 18 and I walked with her for a little bit but when I realized she probably wasn’t able to run anymore, I took off.  Unfortunately, I read the map wrong so I had us coming back on the 18-mile route, not the 20, so I tried to add on some mileage at the end but it still didn’t get me to 20 miles running.  Damn!  I wanted to see that 20 on my Garmin.

Here were my splits:

13:17, 12:40, 12:15, 12:56, 13:21, 12:12, 12:22, 11:22, 11:39, 11:49, 11:32, 11:25, 11:23, 12:43, 12:03, 12:02, 12:23, 13:18, 12:46, 11:32

The six miles in the middle where we hit 11:something paces was 3 miles up Shoal Creek and 3 miles down Shoal Creek. It was so hard to get started this morning and you can tell it by our first mile pace!  The only other 13:something pace was when I was walking with Denise.  I felt so sorry for her!  I debated just walking it in with her but after going that far, I had to run and I had to tack on some additional mileage to get me closer to 20.

Today was a mental challenge more than physical.  I felt all sorts of twinges, pains, aches, pulls, etc… but my mental game just wasn’t quite where it usually is and that was the worst part.  I am very happy to know I got to (almost) 20 and I can see that going 6.2 additional miles is possible.  Man, it’s going to be hard, but it’s possible.  The weather (mid-60s at start!) didn’t help and I’ve got to think that the White Rock course won’t hold a candle to running anywhere in Austin in terms of hills so I’m hopeful the conditions will be easier.

Happy to be done!  I inhaled an Engineer sub from Firehouse and now I’m about to take an ice bath.  I have some gnarly chafed areas. Really ouch.  And Kate keeps asking me when I’m taking her to the Cowan Carnival today.  Ugh.  This is really when I wish there was two of me!  Think I’ll bring a chair and find a shaded place so I can just sit down and not move.  That might work. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading this far =)

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