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Mt. Bonnell? Check. 18 miles? Check.

Longest distance yet!  We ran 18 miles in 4:07 which averaged a 13:47 pace. We realized last week that our chips won’t be stopping at the marathon so if we really want to see how long it’s taking us out there, we should keep our watches going the entire time.  Well, Denise kept her watch going b/c I pulled mine out of my bag and it was dead. I was so irritated!  My first 18 miler with no Garmin. Even had worn my heart rate monitor and everything. Ugh. So I took off the Garmin and monitor and we used Denise’s.

Although our pace doesn’t look that great, we figured we had 7 water stops plus one bathroom break on Exposition.  If we spent 2-3 minutes at each water stop plus 7 minutes at the bathroom break, that would’ve put our time somewhere between 3:39 and 3:46 which would’ve put us between 12-12:30 pace which is right on target for our long runs.  This was such a hard route!  I wish I had my Garmin data to show the hills we climbed.  It was something like this…

east on 4th from I-35, right on Rio Grande, cross over and head up north @ Windsor/Northwood, cross MoPac, right on Exposition, left on 35th, up to Mt. Bonnell, then we winded around and ended up turning around @ Balcones/Hancock. It wasn’t an out and back though.  Once we went back to Mt. Bonnell, we headed south on Exposition, right on Bonnie (close to Enfield), and it spit us out just west of Hula Hut.  Then we ended with a few miles on the trail, north on Congress, east on 4th, back to Rogue. This was a very hilly course and we did it!

We are going to be more mindful of our water stops in the future.  The bathroom break was tough b/c there was only one stall so we had to wait for each other.

I had a weird pop/something happen just above my knee when we started running after the first water stop at mile 2. EEK! I was so scared. I’d have some pain in my knee, calve, ankle, hamstring from time to time and didn’t know what was going to happen farther into our run.  The sharper occasional pain started to dull and spread out a bit and by the end, I was fine. We’ll see if I feel the same way later today!

This run instilled so much confidence in me.  I’ve got this. We’ve (Denise and me!) got this. I will be able to run a marthon without stopping. If I can run 18 on the course we just did today, I can run 26.2 in a race.  I can do this.  It’s surreal, but I can do this.  I’m sooo in love with running.  I’m so in love w/ my Rogue ladies.  I thank God often for running.  The peace I feel out there is just what I need for my life.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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