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16 miles under the belt!

Longest distance yet and I enjoyed the entire run!  The cooler weather definitely helped. Think it was about 65 when we started and it felt glorious out there.

We had a 3.5 mile loop that we ended up doing 4 times plus a 2 mile cool down at the end.  The first two loops were an easy pace run and the second two loops were at marathon goal pace (11:30!)  I thought my coach was a little overzealous, honestly, when I heard our marathon goal pace but decided to give it a try.

We are really trying to honor an “easy pace” run (@ 12:30-12:40) so our first 7 miles went like this:  12:36, 12:47, 12:54, 12:22, 12:23, 12:41, 12:14

For our next two loops, we decided to ease into the MGP of 11:30 by striving to hit 11:40 the 3rd loop and 11:30 for the 4th loop.  We didn’t disappoint!

11:47, 11:45, 11:42, 11:31, 11:22, 11:18, 11:27

We felt so mentally strong and except for some achy feet, calves, and my right hip, felt physically strong, too.  Really expected to be in a worse place by the end but I was on top of the world!

After our 14 miles, we ran a 2 mile recovery at easy pace. Well, we were supposed to run an easy pace, but we ran 12:20 and 12:01, instead.  It was hard to keep it slower after finding our “groove” but we did our best.

I’m so encouraged by this run! We thought we had another 2 or so in us so that would’ve put us at 18 and a marathon is only 8.2 miles away from 18.  This marathon is reachable! Attainable!

We used 3 Gu’s, a few pretzels, orange sports beans, and lots of water.

Such a fabulous run.  What a great way to start my weekend! Thanks for reading this far =)

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