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14 down and still gas left in the tank

Another beautiful morning for running in Austin, TX. I haven’t been able to say that very much over the past 4-5 months.  Temps were in the mid-60s and low humidity.  I had high hopes for this run and it didn’t disappoint!  The first 4-5 miles were a slow (and sometimes not-so-slow) ascent and it was a tough climb at times, but we hung in there and made it happen.  Our splits today were really good:

11:58, 11:58, 11:49, 12:20, 12:18, 12:00, 12:03, 11:25, 11:21, 11:28, 11:54, 11:11, 11:13, 10:35

We used 3 Gu’s and sports beans on occasion.  Both of us were pretty hungry around mile 8 and I really think we need to bring some sort of food with us when we run this far, but I’m not sure what to bring. Anything sweet is OUT because the Gu is hard enough to swallow at times.  I’m thinking Fritos – salty, tiny, yummy – but not sure.

Super proud of my running buddy, Denise, who was in San Diego from last Saturday afternoon until late this week (think it was Friday.) She still went out there and gave it her all and did a fabulous job!  We both felt like we could’ve gone another 4 miles or so, which makes us very hopeful for the uptick in distance we have on the schedule starting next Saturday (16 miles.)

Bought some Gu, socks, more Glide, blister powder stuff for the inside of my socks and shoes, and slip on sandals that have orthotic support to wear after my runs.  They feel so heavenly!  I’m stocked up on my gear and ready to keep pushing forward for the December marathon.  Can I share now how much I LOVE RUNNING and LOVE ROGUE?

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