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Exceptional long run!

What a difference cooler temps make! This long run was fantastic.  I enjoyed almost every step of it.  My overall pace was 11:44 (which I’m estimating is my marathon goal pace!) and here were my splits:

11:34, 11:32, 11:59, 11:56, 12:02, 12:11, 11:49, 11:55, 12:15, 11:50, 11:44, 11:21, 11:24, 11:02, 10:56 (last .21 miles)

I was concerned about the air quality with all of the smoke from the surrounding fires but it was a non-issue.  Another reminder to me to get out there, even when you are unsure, because you just never know how you might feel.  I did three Gu’s this time around, some Gatorade mixed with water, and a few sports beans towards the end as we started to get hungry.  I really think my whey protein shakes are  making a difference with my stamina, too.  I just feel more solid.

I slept maybe 5.5 hours last night so this is truly magnificent for me.  These cooler temps make running so much easier, both physically and mentally.  My running buddy, Denise, and I talked more than we usually do but it made the time go by a lot faster.  I think I had another 4 miles left in me at the end.  It would’ve been hard, but I could’ve pulled it off.  So excited about my December marathon!

Kate’s having a slumber party this evening so I have to keep this short and get to work.  Hope everyone has a great weekend =o)

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