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Nailed my 1st 12-miler since Austin!

I felt pretty confident about this long run most of yesterday and only started to get a little nervous about an hour before I went to sleep. The course was a new course and I think this is how they planned it. “Okay, go straight, let’s see, 1st right has a small hill, 2nd right has a scarier hill – okay, 2nd right. Go aways further…if we stay straight it’s kind of flat but if we take a right, damn, that’s a decent hill…okay, we’re taking a right…” and so on and so forth.  The first 6 miles miles were challenging, but totally doable. I will say @ 3.5-4 miles, I was a little doubtful how this might all work out but I kept pushing and I’m super proud of my performance.  Ran with my girl, Denise, and she had a good run, too.  This was almost a perfect long run!  Excellent way to start the weekend.

We ran 12 miles, 2:25:49, for a 12:09 pace. Our total ascent was 2125 ft and our total descent was 1754 ft. I had a small slip, tweaked my left ankle, landed on my right knee not even 1 mile into the run, but it all worked out okay.  I have some gnarly blisters on my toes.  Might have to post some pics of those soon.  Really unattractive, but I’m kind of sportin’ them with pride!

I used two Gu’s this run and was in bed, asleep, before 10:45pm last night so I got more than 6 hours of sleep. I think this helped a lot!  Next week we have 14 on the schedule so I need to make sure I get 7+ hours of sleep both Thursday and Fridays nights and I think we’ll need 3 Gu’s.  Last time I ran 14 was in October 2010 and I ran it in 3:02:00.  I’m hoping for under 2:50:00 this time around.

I’m loving the runner’s high right now!  I feel like I could tackle my garage right now, but I think a nice shower and a healthy lunch will do instead.  Counter Culture frozen yogurt is calling my name this afternoon after Kate’s swim lesson and I earned it, and then some.  Hope everyone has a great long holiday weekend =)


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