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“Not So Hellish” run

This was supposed to be on the Run From Hell course but since we ran under 12, it was only the “Not So Hellish” course.  I might have to argue that point a little since from Shoal Creek/Far West/Knollwood/Mesa was basically one big gradual incline for several miles, but I know what other hills Northwest Austin has to offer that we didn’t see this morning so I will be grateful. We covered 9.18 miles at a 12:17 pace and I’m happy with our performance. Here were our splits:

11:49, 12:43, 12:37, 12:25, 12:32, 12:32, 12:45, 11:26, 11:49, 11:26 (.18 mile)

My running buddy Denise was back in town and it was sooo good to have her back!  We took it a little slower than usual since she was on vacation and I’ve been off on my training, too.  I finally had the right shoes with the right inserts so my feet weren’t an issue at all.  Now I just have to let my toes heal from the blisters and watch a toenail fall off.  My Brooks Glycerine will be promptly returned because I just can’t take the pain!  If I have to endure the pain of blisters, burning in my toes, and heavy feet, it’s just not worth it to keep trying to see if I adjust to new shoes.  I’d rather wear my Gel Asics Nimbus 12.  Think I’ll stock up on a few extra pairs in case they stop making them.  That would be bad so I just won’t think about it!

Around mile 6, we considered how we are still in the base phase of our training. In only 8 weeks, we’ll double the distance we ran today.  Wow.  By the grace of all that is holy, it’ll be 10 degrees cooler at that point, right?  Cooler temps will definitely help.

Have a great weekend!

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