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4 strong but challenging run

This was a tough run today. Many challenges, but pushed through and I’m very happy with my time.  This was closer to 8 but I started running before my Garmin could finish locating satellites and I forgot to turn it back on immediately after a water stop.  My Garmin showed 7.78 miles at 1:33:53 for a 12:04 pace. Our route took us west on 4th and then north and through some West Austin neighborhoods. There were some big ol’ hills that required lots of concentration and guts.  Here were my splits:

11:13, 11:28, 12:32, 12:12, 12:16, 12:07, 13:05, 11:31

Have to share that my wonderful Grandma passed away yesterday evening and of course, this was heavy on my mind this morning.  I think about my grandparents a lot when I’m running and now all four of them are up in Heaven watching over me.  I’ve been extremely blessed to have so much time with my grandparents.  My first grandparent passed away when I was 31 and I just lost the last one at 38.  They all brought another layer of richness into my life that I couldn’t have experienced any other way.  They were probably my biggest cheering section, which maybe is why they are always on my mind when I’m out there running!  I’d spent the last several weekends and most of Wednesday with my Grandma so I said everything I wanted to say and I’m at peace as much as I can be with her passing.  This just makes me feel even more gratitude that I have an able body to run and do all sorts of things. Gratitude is one of my favorite emotions.

Let me segue awkwardly into my next topic.  I bought new shoes last weekend and I’m not sure they are going to work out.  I was running in Gel Asics Nimbus but switched to Brooks Glycerine when they didn’t have my other shoe available.  I’m not sure if it was the crazy hills or what, but I have 3 new blisters, 2 of which are underneath my toenails, after this morning’s long run.  My legs felt heavier than normal and I think I’m really missing the cushion of my old type of shoes.  I consulted with a running coach who thinks I’m still adjusting to the new shoes and encouraged me to give them a little more time, so that’s the plan, but I’m worried.  I’m getting permanent orthotic inserts made this week so I can switch them out whenever I buy new shoes, which might help, but I’m still skeptical.  We’ll see!

I have to talk about the hills again – wow, they were hard!  Made me think about the Run for the Water last October.  Our total ascent was 1920 ft and total descent was 1934 ft. There was a road called “Rainbow” something that was so steep.  I looked around for the rope to pull myself up to the top, but there was none to be had.  If anyone is still reading at this point, I feel confident about how to power up hills, but any good advice on how to safely run down hills?  I want to make up time but I don’t want to get sloppy.  Would love some input.

Have a great rest of the weekend!  If you still have a grandparent in your life, call them today and say “hi” or visit them and let them know what they mean to you.  What a precious gift – grandparents!

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