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Week 3

Today’s long run was 7 miles through South Central Austin.  Our start time is 6:00AM now and while it’s painful to wake up at 4:45AM, I love getting out there earlier.  The humidity was extra thick this morning though and the temps were @ 80 degrees but once the sun started to rise, the humidity dropped, too.

We were chatting a lot that first 1.25 miles and our pace showed it. But it also meant we’d have more in our tanks for later and I always like chatting w/ my Rogue ladies, so it’s okay.  I know we could’ve shaved a minute off of that first 1-1.25 miles which would’ve put our overall pace under 12, but I’ll put my Type A personality on the shelf!  Here were my stats:

6.92 miles, 12:03 overall pace

12:48, 12:42, 12:00, 11:53, 12:02, 11:30, 11:28

We had some hill work from miles 2-6.  I really concentrated on keeping my arms pumping close to my body, putting forth the same effort and keeping the right stride uphill. On the way down, I tried to lean a little forward and let gravity help me out and pick up the pace to make up for the uphill.  Think I did a really good job on those hills today. I remember Joe saying if you do it right, you should be able to pick up your race pace at the top of those hills and I think we did that for the most part.

My Garmin, which I thought needed a new battery, was just fine. I think I must’ve charged it while it was on and then unplugged it without turning it off.  That’s all I can think of.  For now, I’m good in the Garmin department!

Our medium run and quality workout last week were sooo hard.  This heat is almost unbearable, but the good news is we felt an improvement by Wednesday.  I just think about that first cold front, or even when the temps are back down into the low- to mid-90s.  It’ll feel so much better then!  September is when I’ll really start tacking on the additional miles for my training.  We have two 14-mile long runs and our Monday medium run will be up to 8 miles at that point.  I’ll be logging more miles weekly than I ever have before!  Times two!  I sure hope we start to get a break in this heat by mid-September.  I’m not very hopeful, but I’m cautiously optimistic?    Here’s our long run schedule for the rest of our marathon training:

8/13  eight

8/20  nine

8/27  ten

9/3  twelve

9/10  fourteen (I’ve run this distance once before, but also have 4 half-marathons under my belt, too.)

9/17  ten

9/24  fourteen

10/1  sixteen (anything over 14 will be a first for me!)

10/8  ten

10/15 eighteen

10/22  twenty

10/29  ten

11/5  eighteen

11/12  twenty-two

11/19  sixteen

11/26  ten


I’m buying some new shoes today because I can tell it’s about time.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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