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I knew this run would be some much needed therapy for me and it didn’t disappoint.  Some of you know about my pup, Peanut. This little chihuahua is almost like my 3rd child.  We’ve had her for almost 1 year and she brings so much joy to me, my kids, and lots of people she meets!  She has the sweetest, most social personality that I’ve seen in a dog. She has yet to meet a stranger – human or canine. We found out this week that something is definitely wrong with her liver.  Not sure exactly what’s wrong yet so I’m not completely panicking at this point, but it’s been hard thinking about what might happen.  I work from home and she’s my little buddy.

My biggest thought on my mind though was my grandma.  She started hospice this morning.  This was her choice, which is a great thing, really, but this is where it stands.  She’s my last surviving grandparent and I just adore this lady!  She’s always been a very strong and brave woman, not afraid to ask questions of just about anyone in just about any situation, and she easily makes connections with the people she meets.  I promised my grandpa several years back that I’d keep a special eye on her and although I don’t think I’ve done enough, I know without a doubt that she knows how much she means to me so I feel good.  This morning when I left for my run, I thought about her, times I shared with her and my grandpa when I was a little girl, holidays, summer vacations, all of it.  Just thinking about my grandma, where things stand with her health, and the love I have for my whole family…kids (and puppy!), parents, brother, sister-in-law, niece, and my wonderful aunts, uncles, and cousins, it just propelled me to run faster.  I AM SO BLESSED.  I thanked God more than once for discovering running and how it led me to a healthier body, soul, and mind.  So this morning, I ran for my grandma, my family, and myself.  My body can do it, my brain keeps me committed to this passion of mine, and my spirit gets these continuous hugs out there when my feet hit the pavement.  I have a great life and when I’m running, it’s more clear to me than most any other time. Running with gratitude is a beautiful thing.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my time today was pretty great, given the awesome inspiration and motivation I had running through my brain most of the time.  Even the upper 70s temp and really tough humidity didn’t bring me down this time.  Where’s Don?  Really???  Just rained enough to make it really humid and maybe a little slippery here and there on the sidewalks.  Not fair, Don!

My time was 1:09:41 for a 11:38/mi pace. Here were my splits:

12:20, 11:47, 11:45, 11:53, 11:53, 10:07

Yup, that’s a 10 minute mile for my last mile! I slept horribly last night but had great nutrition and hydration yesterday so I’m guessing it helped even more than I thought it would.  Our long runs start at 6:00 AM now – our earliest start time yet.  I think I like it!  Waking up at 4:55 AM hurts, but finishing earlier was nice today.  This is the first long run where I didn’t use a Gu since April or so.  It was all just me.  Whenever I run with such a powerful sense of gratitude, it always seems to help =)

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