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Watch out for flying bottles…

This run did not disappoint in terms of adventure!

My time was 1:56:06 for a 9.67 mile run which equaled a 12:00 even pace.  Here were my splits:

12:00, 11:55, 12:02, 12:21, 12:11, 11:34, 12:24, 11:51, 12:07, 11:25

My group met at Rogue at 6:30am, like always, and one of the first topics of discussion at the start of our run was the man who attacked 3 women (2 joggers) the day before in downtown Austin.  The three attacks happened between 5:30am-7:15am.  We all agreed to stick together in small groups (which we usually do anyway, but this time we were hyper-aware) and started out on our run.

First let me say, I thought this run today would be difficult.  I was traveling last week so I was out of  my normal routines (although I did manage to maintain my usual # of workouts) and my feet weren’t quite right.  Around 11:30pm last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, my children started fighting so that kept me up for another 20 minutes which didn’t bode well for my 5:15am wake up.

The weather was the usual – warm (@ 80 degrees) and sticky.  There were some clouds around today though so the sun wasn’t shining brightly on us the entire time, which was nice.  Our route took us out east at first and then southeast Austin.  This wouldn’t be my first choice (or 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th…100th…) of routes, but I just show up and run what’s on board.  The first few miles, I felt really good.  Surprisingly good.  I was trying to keep it between 11:30-12:15 pace and was successful.  At the 3.5 mile water stop, we were told there were some tough hills up ahead (he was right) so I dug deep and prepared myself mentally.  We ended up ascenting 1173 ft and descenting 1183 ft, if it helps draw the picture.  The worst mile had us ascenting 212 ft alone.  I channeled my inner Joe and worked that hill!  Kept my arms pumping close to my sides, kept my stride normal, and when I reached the top, I was able to quickly pick up my normal pace again.  Very proud.  After that toughest hill, I knew what to expect because our route was out and back so I was feeling pretty good.

We came around a corner and one my teammates was probably 50 ft in front of me and a downhill was in our sights.  Then a glass bottle shattered right next to me and a little piece hit my leg.  There was a man walking towards me and he said something like “Man, that wasn’t cool” and I realized someone had just THROWN THE BOTTLE AT ME ON PURPOSE.  Lia stopped ahead of me to see what happened and ran up to her and she said they were yelling profanities and threw a plastic bottle at her, too.  I must’ve been in my own little world with my iPod up too loud because I was oblivious.  Then it dawned on me that it could’ve hit me.  And I could’ve been hurt.  Then I started to feel all shaky inside.  Only way I can describe it.  We stayed put and tried to wave other runners over to the other side, but most didn’t realize what was happening and probably thought we were crazy for telling them to run on the right-hand side of the street!  I have to say that every single Roguer who ran by us, minimally, said something and most asked if I was okay.  If I had been thinking clearly at the time, I should’ve requested a male escort back to Rogue (from one of the guys not wearing a wedding ring) but I digress…  Enough ladies had stopped by then so we took off as a larger group and headed to the water stop which was manned by Rogue.  The guy had already heard about what happened and was on the phone with the police.  We stuck around for awhile and saw three cop cars pull up.  That was kinda cool, not gonna lie.  They asked me if I wanted to press charges.  Um, no.  If I had been hit, HELL TO THE YEAH, but I wanted to keep running with my ladies so we took off again.  We were all rattled.  You worry about things out on the road – cars, dogs, holes or cracks in the road or sidewalks, even people who might grab you or something, but flying bottles?  That’s a new one I’ll have to add to the list.  We also heard at the water stop that someone had put large fish into the Rogue water coolers near the pedestrian bridge and I-35.  Seriously?  WTH is wrong with people?  We’re just out there getting exercise.  Not bothering anyone, not being loud, just trying to be good to our bodies and minds with friends.  I just don’t get it.  I don’t understand why anyone would 1) be raised to think it’s okay to treat people like that or 2) spend their time purposefully trying to cause problems.  I know it happens all of the time. I’m not naive.  But it just makes me scratch my head and wonder.

About 1/2 a mile after we started running again, a truck ran over a plastic bottle and it must’ve had the lid on because it sounded like a gun shot!  I think that fried what was left of my nerves at that point.  My friend Denise and I looked at each other and just basically said “OKAY, ENOUGH!”  The next mile was hard for me.  I kept thinking “What if I had been hit? What if it had hit me in the head?” but then I decided to focus on the fact that it didn’t happen, all of my Rogue friends were safe, and I’d be damned if I’d let some punk ass people mess up my run.  I’d had such a great groove going just prior to the flying bottle and I wasn’t going to let this get in my way.

I picked up my pace, still kicking things around in my head, but then I decided to start figuring out what was the good that came out of all the bad stuff that just happened.  Every single Rogue person either stopped to see what was happening and most asked if I was okay.  I felt the Rogue community on my side and it felt great.  I felt safer because of them.  Most of the people who stopped weren’t people I even knew, but I was wearing my Rogue singlet and they cared.  That was awesome.  I carried that positive thought with me the rest of the time, being thankful for my teammates who always have my back and thankful for the Rogues I don’t know, who had my back this morning, too.  Can’t say enough about our Rogue family!

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