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Brain/body feud

Wow. It was so tough out there this morning!  I hadn’t run more than 5 miles in over a month so I knew this might be challenging a little bit, but didn’t think it would be THIS hard.  I started out thinking I’d maybe run 7 but after the first mile, I realized 6 was going to be my number.

I got about 6.5 hours of sleep last night which I knew was on the cusp of being enough to feel confident about my morning run.  I actually left the house on time and was going to make it to Rogue with about 5 minutes to spare (not normal!) when I was pulled over for speeding in Sunset Valley.  52 in a 40. There were at least 5 other cars on the road from what I could see (going both directions) so I sure am glad the officer pulled me over at 6:50am.  Great. More defensive driving for me!

I drove up to Rogue @ 5 minutes late and see a group of ladies about to turn the corner on Waller Street.  I was pretty sure this was my group, but I went inside to make sure of the route we were taking that day.  Overall, I was a little cautious but optimistic of my performance.  I had to stand around and wait for my Garmin to locate satellites, which is always a pain, but then I was off.

First mile was no problem.  In fact, I was thinking “wow, this is going to be a good run.” Somewhere around mile 2, I realized I might be wrong.  The humidity out there was soooo tough.  It was about 80 degrees and 79% humidity.  Running in soup might be easier.  Here were my splits:

11:15, 12:11, 12:03, 12:34, 12:47, 12:30

My average pace was 12:13 and to be honest, I thought it was going to be worse than that!  I had to stop for traffic lights twice and I didn’t pause my Garmin plus I stopped for about 30 seconds to get water @ mile 5 and I did pause my Garmin.

I second guessed my ability to run about 20 times over the course of my run.  I second guessed the possibility of me TRAINING for a marathon, much less than RUNNING a marathon, several times.  My mind and my body were fighting from miles 2-6.  Sometimes my body would be pleading to stop but my mind would take over and keep everything moving, then roles would switch and my mind would be weak but my feet would keep going.  I think the strength training I’m doing will eventually help, but having an achy core while running in these miserable conditions was hard.  Think next time I’ll pop an ibuprofen before I leave.  This was such a tough run!  Glad they aren’t all like this.  Looking forward to enjoying my next run =)

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