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A little overly ambitious today.

Before my title is interpreted incorrectly, let me start off by saying I’m proud of what I was able to accomplish out there this morning.

I knew going into this run that I might be a little off my usual targets but I still picked a route that I knew would challenge me, even on my strong days.  With a south-southeast wind blowing in my face up the hills in miles 2-4 and 7-9 and a temp in the mid-70s with over 70% humidity, I knew this would be hard.  My total ascent on this route was just shy of 1,000 feet and my descent was 1,041.   Take a look at the elevation and my associated paces:

Here were my laps:

11:47, 12:31, 12:42, 13:12, 12:44, 12:24, 12:42,11:50, 12:52, 12:03

Last time I ran this distance was 3 weeks ago due to my last 2 weekends of races so I knew this would be a challenge.  I tried eating a white bagel (can’t remember the last time I had one of those!) this morning to give me more energy and sprinkled some garlic salt on there because I can tell I need more sodium when I’m running. Not sure how/if it helped. I probably should’ve put some peanut butter on it, but it was so dry anyway, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’ll try something else next time.

I ran to my parents house, which was just under 5 miles and knocked on their door to fill up my water bottle.  It took them awhile to answer the door because they weren’t expecting me.  I should’ve ran w/ my Rogue team this morning but I set my alarm for 5:45 PM instead of AM.  Good one, Shel! Even checked it last night to make sure the time was right and it was on, but missed the “PM” part. I woke up at 6:28am and knew I couldn’t make it to Rogue by 7am so I decided to run the route to my parents’ house and back. Last time I ran this, it was just below freezing when I left my house and there was frost on the grass! It was a beautiful morning and I loved running in the crisp, cool air.  Today’s run was polar opposite!

I decided to make every attempt to shut off my Type A, gotta-get-a-great-time mentality and just enjoy this run.  I’ve been off in my head all week and I wanted to just have a long run that I enjoyed.  For the most part, I was successful.  It would pain me when I’d see my pace at times, but I tried to ignore that section of my Garmin and just focus on the elapsed time and distance.

I think this was a great look into how these morning runs are going to be this summer.  It’s going to be tough running even longer distances on Saturdays in June, July, August, and September.  I’ll start my marathon training in May and I’ve never run more than 14 miles so getting up into the upper 10s and low 20s in the middle of summer is going to be so challenging.  I know I can do it though, no doubt!  I’m guessing we’ll start our long runs at 6am to try and beat the heat which is good b/c those reallllyyyy long runs are going to take me over 4 hours to complete, no doubt.  I haven’t even started to look ahead and start working on what time I want to get for my marathon.  I have about 8 months to train, practice, and prepare both mentally and physically.  Maybe I’ll start kicking around some times in May.

I’m also going to have to reevaluate how I carry water on my runs. I’ll either need to go to the trail where water is available or get one of those hydration belts.  My little piddly lone hydration bottle was not enough today!  Even filling up when I got to my parents house was not enough. I had to conserve my water the last two miles and I was so thirsty.  I just hate wearing anything else on my body.  Hmm.

Thanks for reading this far!  Enjoy your weekend…I know I will =)

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