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Big Fire – the name says it all!

Today’s run with Rogue had us meeting at 38th St/Shoal Creek to avoid the craziness of SXSW downtown.  The route was easy in terms of directions…run up Shoal Creek for 5 miles and then turn around and run back for 10 miles total.  I ran it in 2:04:23 for an avg pace of 12:13.  I tried to remember to stop my Garmin at the water stops and stop lights, but I only remember a couple of times.  So factor in 4 stops to my time and my pace was closer to 12 min.  Here are my breakdowns by mile:

12:11, 12:16, 12:41, 12:36, 12:40, 12:11, 12:10, 12:14, 12:16, 11:13

The slow ascent up those first 5 miles reminded me of miles 3-5 of the Austin half (not quite as bad as Austin, but not easy, hence the name Big Fire!)  Check it out!

It was humid out there today – 70% – and temps were in the mid 60s. Not the best conditions.  But the sky was overcast, so that was a blessing!

Just before mile 8, when I was digging in to speed up those last couple of miles, I was met at the intersection of Shoal Creek and 2222 by a construction guy who said Shoal Creek was closed and I needed to use the detour.  It wasn’t his fault so I didn’t yell at him, but it was a mental blow.  I had no idea how far the detour would take me, if it was hilly, etc… so I had to dig SUPER DEEP to keep my pace and attitude in check.  It turned out that it only added .17 miles onto my total for the day, but not knowing at the time was hard.

My knees didn’t bother me at all. I physically felt pretty darn good, except the buckets of sweat that were pouring out of my body.  That was kind of annoying =o) But that’s what you get when it’s 70% humidity!  With oak and other tree pollens being so high right now, I thought my allergies and/or asthma might bother me, but they didn’t at all.  I took my Nasonex before I left and my Proair inhaler, to be safe.  I used 2 Gu’s at 30 minutes and 1:15 minutes into my run.

No epiphanies or anything during today’s run.  Just a great, strong run!

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  1. March 19, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    Sounds great! My knees and foot bugged me in the second half, and that detour is why we did 7 miles instead of 6! I clocked it in my car later to be sure, because they kept saying the detour was only a half mile total, but that’s not what my car said. Anyway, sounds like you did great. The breeze was nice, and I forgot to do my inhaler, but I was fine without it today… My poor knees though. I’m hobbling around like an old lady now, and getting laundry done on the second floor was a nightmare! Great job!

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