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I needed this run!

The last two weeks since the Austin Half (feels like it was a month ago, honestly) have been a roller-coaster of emotions.  From the highs until mile 9 at Austin, to the lows after my walking part of it from miles 11-13, to regrouping and feeling okay about it after listening to others’ experiences post-race.  My running team was off for 2 weeks but our coach sent us a modified schedule to follow while we were officially off from training (um, I didn’t.)  In the meantime, I went to Life Time Fitness and was evaluated by a trainer (who I loved!) and was told that I am in the “low” range of cardiovascular fitness (just .1 ml/kg-min to be in the “fair” range) and talk about a wake up call.  I knew I wasn’t training as hard as I could and I wasn’t watching my diet as closely as I should have, but I couldn’t believe it was so low.  But the trainer delivered it in a positive way, encouraged me by saying if I add 1-2 days of strength training and 1-2 days of cross-training and did the assessment again in even 3 months, I’d see progress and in 6 months, I’d see pretty big progress.  So I walked out of there having confirmation that I needed to strength train, cross-train, watch my diet more closely, and lose weight (like 30 lbs.)  I put the # on the lbs. I need to lose.  Kristen (the trainer) wanted me to focus more on the exercises I needed to do and the food I was eating and less on the # on the scale.  Another reason why I thought she was great!

My son’s soccer team didn’t have enough players so they won’t play this season so I’ve been taking him to the gym with me so he can get some exercise.  I’ve been walking/jogging on the treadmill and cycling while I’m there, sometimes with him next to me.  Next week I’ll add some other stuff.

Before today, I hadn’t run more than 2.4 miles since the Austin half.  I ran/walked with Katie for 4 miles last week, but not continuously.  I was kind of scared today.  My allergies have been killing me the last 2 days, which is why I didn’t go on my long run yesterday morning. I slept until 9am both on Saturday and Sunday (amazing!) and was busy all day, both days, doing chores, running errands, etc… There is never a dull moment around here.

So this afternoon, when my parents picked up the kids to do yard work over at their house, I knew it was Time.  I pulled up dailymile and saw all my friends and their exercise efforts since the last time I logged in.  I read a great article suggested by Tom about the mental benefits of exercise.  I saw a great post by Brenda about the benefits of exercise that I could’ve written myself.  After I was feeling pumped from my dailymile reads, I got dressed and hit the road.

I decided today it was more important to get the mileage in (3-5) than to be concerned with my time.  I didn’t really know how I’d feel since I hadn’t been running much but doing other exercise over the past 2 weeks.  I thought my pace would be in the 12:30-13:00 range and that was okay.  Slow and steady, just build confidence.  Show yourself you can run without walking.  Enjoy how you feel.  Let your mind wander and heal some hurts that I’ve been feeling lately.  Okay, let’s go.

As soon as I started, I felt good.  My fear eased someone.  I was optimistically cautious over the first mile.  I looked down on my garmin and realized I was doing pretty good for my time, so I slowed down b/c I didn’t know if I’d run out of gas later.  I kept expecting something to hurt, but it didn’t.  By mile 2, I started thinking about some family stuff I’ve been struggling with and I burst into tears.  Why is it so easy to see myself clearly when I’m running?  Why do I let doubt creep into my thoughts at times in my daily life?  I made a mental note that if I ran more, those thoughts wouldn’t have as much opportunity to creep in!  And that is kind of what the article Tom suggested was saying, too.  Right after I stopped crying, I started thinking about my Memaw and the day she met me in the hallway of her home (I was about 22, I think?) and gave me her beautiful sapphire and diamond ring, just because.  No other reason than because she thought I was beautiful and I deserved a beautiful ring.  She wanted me to have it.  I took it and wore it proudly (fit perfectly, by the way!) but didn’t fully comprehend what she was really trying to tell me when she gave me that ring until years later.  Man, after I thought about that, I felt phenomenal!  I love the epiphanies I get when I’m running!

I ran 4.8 miles (according to dailymile.com, the path I ran is 4.98 but according to my garmin, it was 4.8) and did it in 56:17 for a pace of 11:43 min/mile.  Here were my splits:

11:31, 11:47, 12:05, 11:50, 11:22

I walked about 5 minutes to cool down afterwards and then stretched for a good 20 minutes with my rope and triggerpoint therapy equipment.  I love the TP stuff!

So I’m back!  My 5K and 10K PR training with Rogue officially starts this Wednesday and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and getting back to work.  I’m adding some cross-training and strength training (Kristen and I worked out a schedule) and will start Weight Watchers tomorrow night, too. I think I know enough about food to do it on my own, but the social support piece is BIG and I’m doing it with a friend.  When I think about how dailymile motivates me to get active, I’m expecting the same for Weight Watchers and improvements in my diet.

I have my eye on the White Rock Marathon in Dallas in December.  Looks like a nice course and it’s benefiting a kids’ organization.  Looks like I might have a place to stay and a friend to ride with up there and back (thanks, Leslie!)  It would be her first half and my first full (and if I’m not ready for a marathon, I’ll just run the half instead.)  If I can accomplish what I’ve accomplished over the past 7 months at my current cardiovascular fitness level, what can I accomplish when I give it my all?  That’s what’s driving me right now.

I feel positive about where I’m going and I love how my mental game is getting stronger and stronger.  When I had doubts about how I’d do today, would I have to walk?  I just reminded myself that it’s kind of nuts to think I’m going to walk after one tough half when I’d been running without walking for months (like, 7!)  Once I made it past that mental hurdle, I was all set!

So bring on Monday!  I’m ready for ya!

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  1. March 6, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    Woohoo!! So thrilled for you! Sounds great. I love hearing about all that you’ve learned, and I’m so excited to be able to share this running journey with you even more by having our goals start to converge a little. And a MARATHON! Wow. You can totally do it!!

    Hey, can you email me Kristen’s number? I’m thinking the same kind of stuff as far as what I need to start working on to get better, beyond the quality, long run, and run on my own a third day each week… I need to lose more like 60 pounds, and I don’t think I can quit my job and go on biggest loser, so I think I need to do it myself! 🙂

    So exciting to think what we’re capable of, right?? YAY!

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