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Roguette 7-miler

I was scared about this run today with my head cold and not running since last Saturday.  Glad I was scared because I did okay!  It’s further proving the theory I laid out in my last post.

I ran 6.91 miles in 1:21:41 for an 11:49 min/mi pace.  I was hung up on 3-4 lights today, which is more than usual, so my time is a little off, but that’s okay.  I realized today that I’m not reading my avg pace/mile correctly in my Garmin because I haven’t figured out how to set up my laps to coincide with each mile I run.  I’m not going to break it down on here anymore until I figure it out. 

Not too much to type today, but I have a few funnies/stories/and one great lesson I thought I’d share.

1) Having to drive half-way to the airport past I-35 (off 290) to turnaround and drive all the way back and then have to share the access road with everyone else who can’t enter I-35 b/c it’s shutdown due to road construction is not the best way to get your head in the game!  I was 10 minutes late and saw my running group pass by in front of my car when I almost to Rogue. Damn.

2) I took Nasonex and Proair before I left this morning but forgot the ibuprofen. I’ve had a headache now for several days (thanks, head cold!) and realized this when I was sitting on the access road to I-35.  It all turned out okay though, thankfully. Except for around mile 1, when I first tried to blow my nose (I know, just bear with me), it wouldn’t work.  It wasn’t a congestion thing, it was an ability thing. I’m not sure if I was too out of breath (didn’t feel like I was) or what the problem was, but I just couldn’t do it. Big fail.  It was hilarious!

3) Was a little disturbed to see the hill going south on San Jacinto, just before I took a right on 11th Street.  It was a steep hill! I was about at mile 6 of a 7 mile run and wasn’t expecting it, but I did it. If I could sketch on this blog, I could draw you the exact location in my right set of glutes that were propelling me up the hill. Good times.

4) My Garmin continues to distract. I look at it way too much which makes me concentrate too hard and over-think my running.  I made a pact with myself about 20 minutes into my run today to only look at it when the song I was listening to was over.  Wow, what a difference!  Then I could concentrate more on my music (which is really good for me) and it gave me a firm boundary on when to look at it, which I needed.

5) Sometimes when I take a drink out of my hydration bottle, I have to hold the water in my mouth for a few seconds before I can swallow it b/c I have to time it with my breathing.  Not too long after that hill, I took a sip of water and timed it wrong and spit it out, like projectile.  So guy driving up 11th Street in the blue sedan – I promise I didn’t puke.  It was water!

6) Near the end of my run, when I was headed east on 5th Street back to Rogue, I completely flaked and ran right through a stoplight-controlled intersection without looking. I didn’t catch myself until I was almost across the street.  The last two intersections had stop signs, not stop lights, and I completely missed it.  Thank goodness the light was working in my favor!  Helped remind me to pay great attention when you’re running on city streets, especially near the end of your run when you’re more tired.

That’s it for today!  I’m very happy with my overall efforts.  I hope I get two 3-5 milers in this week, in addition to my quality run on Wednesday night.  If I can do that, I’ll feel more confident for the Austin half next Sunday.  Just pray that the weather cooperates!  The weather today was PERFECT – about 33 degrees with very light wind and sunshine.  Absolutely perfect!

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  1. Tom M
    February 12, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    Nice work today, Shelley! Just for future reference, you want to use the Auto Lap feature, p.14 of the users guide.
    I actually have a \UserManuals folder on my computer, that synchs with ALL of my computers. How geeky is that.

    • February 12, 2011 at 7:52 pm

      Not geeky at all! I just set it! Now I don’t have to guess the avg pace I had each mile. The way I was doing it, I was all over the place and it was hard to imagine I was running a 14min mile sometimes? Made no sense. Now I’ll actually be able to see it by mile which will help me SO MUCH in my training, Tom! I’ll be able to look back and think about how I felt and see the avg pace. THANK YOU! Another Garmin problem of mine solved by Tom =)

  2. Fabuleslie
    February 12, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Great job! Glad it went so well. I admit this weather was better than I thought it’d be, but perfect? I wouldn’t go that far. I was cold at times, and then by the end I wanted to take one of my shirts off, but didn’t want to stop and make the effort. Maybe it’s because I started running in July, but I much prefer some warmer weather to this. I mean, not July weather, but, you know, 40s or 50s. You’ll do great at the half! You’ve been working so hard and I know it will all pay off. Well done.

    • February 12, 2011 at 7:53 pm

      Do you have the clothes that wick moisture away from your body yet? It’s the only way to go. Helps you feel more comfortable. You might try wearing a jacket you can wrap around your waist instead of a 2nd shirt. Maybe that would be easier? 40s work for me, too. 50s, maybe, but only if it’s not humid. Humidity SUCKS (but builds character!)

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