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Shakin’ in my shoes and an idea is born?

It sure was a cold one out there this morning! I was supposed to meet my team at Waterloo Park, then carpool to Northcross Mall and run the last 7 miles of the 3M half (back to Waterloo Park.)  But I was dragging tail this morning and left a little late and never found everyone.  Even drove to Northcross to see if I could find them there, but they were gone.  SADNESS.  I really missed my Rogue peeps and wanted to run part of the course.  It helps so much on race day.  I contemplated driving home and running later today, but thought that wasn’t a good idea.  It was just so cold out there this AM! 

I pulled up at Lake Bird Lake trail and parked under MoPac. I knew if I ran to I-35 and back it would give me about 7 miles.  I stepped out of my car and immediately began to shake to the very core of my being.  I was walking across the road and shaking, praying for my Garmin to hurry up and locate the satellites so I could get started.  I’m sure it looked like I was having a seizure of some sort b/c I was shaking that bad!  I had my usual gear on but kept my two low ponytails in b/c I knew later on I wouldn’t want that much hair on the back of my neck.  Satellites were finally found and then I took off.  About 2/10 of a mile into it, I looked down and realized I never pressed the start button, again!, just like last week.  At least I figured it out earlier this time, though.  I ran 7 but my Garmin only clocked 6.82 miles.  My overall pace was 11:46/min/mile and my time was 1:20:15.  Here were my splits:

12:30, 11:55, 11:04, 12:47, 10:13, 11:55, 9:56

I was very happy with my pace out there today.  I was in a good place mentally for my run. One of my very best friends was in town this weekend and I always enjoy spending time with her.  We had a great dinner last night and great conversation.  My mind was pretty clear until I started thinking about a childhood friend who recently passed away.  I hadn’t talked to her since probably my freshman or sophomore year in high school but always wanted to reach out to her as adults and reconnect.  I never did and now she’s gone.  I won’t go into the details here but it looks like her death was preventable and stemmed from a bad choice on her part.  She leaves behind 10-yr-old triplets – 2 girls and 1 boy.  She was a single mom, too.  Very sad. 

Then I started thinking about my friend Ivy who passed away when I was pregnant with Katie and the wheels in my brain started turning.  These were two women whose lives were cut short before they should’ve been.  I also thought about a few new friends I met through dailymile and how they were in tough places in their lives but bounced back and are doing great today.  I thought about my own life and tried to think about the differences between those who perservere and make it and those that don’t.  I don’t discount good luck/bad luck in here, either, but I know it’s more than that.  I thought about how education, social support, self-confidence/empowerment and gratitude were maybe the 4 distinguishing differences.  Then I started thinking about things I might be able to do to educate and/or prevent girls/young women from falling into a life of bad choices where you’re more reacting to what’s going on around you than taking control of your life and making things happen on your own.  I kicked around several ideas and someday in the future you might hear more about this, too. 

Another thing I love about running – you have a long period of time where you can just think and let your mind wander without a lot of distractions (unless you’re running in a race with a gajillion people – then all bets are off!)  But, this morning, I had a great run =)

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  1. Wade Pettengill
    January 25, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    Running and riding is my time to think about things I just don’t have time to think about during the hustle and bustle of life. Thank you for sharing.

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