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Quality run tonight with different Rogue group

This is the 1st quality workout where I used my Garmin. Very cool, but I still don’t know how to use it completely so I didn’t get the full benefit.  At least I know how to log more than one workout (thanks, Tom!) and how to make the light come on (thanks, Stacy!) A quality workout usually goes something like this:

  • Stretches w/ rope
  • 10 minute light warm up jog
  • 15 minutes of footdrills (I can’t remember the real names of any of these except for running backwards, but it’s about 50 meters of different drills using your feet – how’s that for an explanation?)
  • Main workout – this can be a variety of runs, but the focus is usually on speed and/or hills
  • 5-10 minutes cool down jog
  • Stretches w/ rope

I was pretty miserable, almost the entire time. Ate right before I left <mistake> and was running too fast out there for me.  I knew I was in trouble when I was already feeling tired and winded during the foot drills!

The main workout tonight was supposed to be alternating between 800 meters at a 10K pace, then 800 meters at a half-marathon pace, continuously for 2 miles. Advanced team members did 3 miles.  Anyone who was coming off of an injury was supposed to be more concerned about getting the mileage in and less about the pace.  Doofus me ran it faster than I should have (10:57 min pace) when I should’ve been closer to 11:45 min pace.  I need to set alarms on my Garmin so it can teach me how to stay at the pace I’m supposed to be running.  I’m still getting used to how it feels to run a 10K pace vs. half-marathon pace vs. a really slow jog. The Garmin should help a lot, especially when I actually know how to use more of its features! 

I did this workout with a new group that meets in SW Austin, usually 5 minutes or less away from my house.  Sure beats having to sit on MoPac to drive up to Anderson High School every Wednesday, time-wise, at least. But darn, I sure did miss my other teammates.  They are a great group!  I think they are worth the drive!  I really like my coach, too.  I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure I can workout at Anderson every Wednesday.  It saves me almost an hour if I do it closer, but being a part of a great little running community is so helpful.  That’s another reason why I love dailymile.  There are about 10 people on there who really inspire me, keep me motivated, and provide good advice.  Having people you can turn to, who understand where you’re coming from, is awesome.  You know you can share any story you have about running or training and you won’t be boring anyone.  It’s similar to how women share their stories about childbirth.  You can usually strike up a conversation with just about any other mom out there, even complete strangers, and bond over swapping childbirth stories.  Sharing running stories is similar. I never get tired of hearing about people’s experiences, struggles, challenges, all of it!

It was hard this evening, but I know with every step, I’m getting closer to being on track.  Foot is still bothering me every day, but seems to be getting better very slowly or maybe staying about the same.  Good news is that it’s not getting worse and I’ve run 3 times this week now. I think that means something good.

I’ll try to throw in a 20 min run tomorrow and then we’ll have the standard long run on Saturday.  It’s supposed to rain that day, but I think Rogue only cancels if it’s dangerous out there (like, lightning.)  Ought to be adventuresome!  I hope I get to see Leslie!

Peace out –

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  1. January 5, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    Glad to see the breakdown of a quality workout. I’m kinda worried about my knee (walked a mile with olive as usual today, but ran for 20-30 seconds a few times, and it hurt a little…that worries me). I’m hoping new shoes will help, as well as the warm-ups, stretches, and cool downs with Rogue. My first long run will probably in the cold rain, too! Eek! Hope I see you there!

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