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Finally ran this evening!

It’s about time! It was as unenjoyable as I thought it might be, though. My legs felt so sluggish and my breathing was all out of sorts. It was dark, too, which didn’t help me. Hard to concentrate when you can barely see the road at your feet. My neighborhood is way too dark, too. Kind of scary. I turned my iPod down lower so I could hear better. My running coach would be so proud!

So…how long will it take for me to feel like my self again when I’m running? I’d really like to know. Also, any advice/feedback on my plan for running this week? I’m also going to check in with my coach, but I’m curious from my expert running friends out there, too. Here’s my plan:
– If I’m not in pain in the morning, I plan on running this same route again (@ 2.4 miles) tomorrow afternoon.
– Day off on Friday
– 7 miles on Saturday

If I’m hurting too much tomorrow, I’d change it up some:
– off Thursday
– 2.4 on Friday
– off Saturday
– 5 on Sunday


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