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First injury?

I’m on to my 3rd day post race and I think I have an injury.  The outside of my left foot, up through my ankle, is hurting quite a bit. I wore an arch support in my left shoe on Sunday because the ball of my left foot stikes the ground before any other part and it was finally causing me some pain.  Now I’m wondering if the arch support caused me to roll my foot outwards when I ran? Something is definitely up.  It hurts every time I walk.  I had an appointment with a sports medicine doctor for my other leg because the inside of my right ankle was bothering me during the race last week, which has happened several times before.  It was really bad at the SA half.  After a long run at Rogue a few weeks ago, a sports rehab guy was giving massages and evaluating for injuries so I took him up on it and he “massaged” my leg (felt more like mini-Medival torture, but it helped!) It was fine for a few weeks but just started hurting again during the Decker Challenge. But now, with this new thing happening on my left foot/ankle, I’m thinking I need to go see someone today.  It’s getting worse, not better.  Fingers crossed that a little extra rest will be all I need!

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  1. December 15, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    So sorry! I know how it feels, for sure. Maybe you need to add some strength training for your ankles? And yes, I’d start seeing someone now. I’ve decided I’m going to increase my health care plan the next chance I get so there’s no deductible for Chiropractic, and so I can see some sports med people regularly to help me with my gait, etc. You probably should also start scheduling regular sports massages for yourself, especially after big races. My sister is a massage therapist, so if you ever want to use her, or get some good referrals from her, let me know. Hope it heals quickly and you can be back out there soon!!

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